When examining the modification rates, it absolutely was detailed you to definitely certain circumstances was indeed weak

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The changes worried this new elimination of the second things: 1, 2, cuatro, 6, thirteen, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, twenty five and you can 27. Thus, once reducing these items, Model 2(b) attained maximum values that have god- of- match indices. The brand new FJS composed 15 factors, from which the worldwide Squared Numerous Correlations (SMC) index are .60, showing that 60% of your own difference is actually said by the hidden items. The new correlation anywhere between Basis step 1 and Foundation 2 are .66, it absolutely was .80 ranging from Basis dos and Factor 3, and you can was .75 ranging from Basis step one and you can Factor step three, appearing the relationship amongst the about three items (Contour step one). Standardized weights ranged out-of .64 (goods 24) so you’re able to .84 (product twenty-two).

To have Grounds step 1, Ordinal’s leader was .94 and you will McDonald’s Omega is actually .93. Foundation dos hit an Ordinal alpha property value .95 and you will McDonald’s Omega is actually .ninety-five. And Grounds 3 got a reliability value of .90 for Ordinal’s leader and you can .88 having McDonald’s Omega.

Earliest, Pearson correlations was carried out between your FJS proportions and socio-market variables. Gender try of this FJS- Foundation 2 (Lover vigilance), in which feminine said large ratings (M= , SD = six.15) than dudes (Meters = 9.94, SD = 5.94). But not, to address this issue rigorously, an enthusiastic invariance research try conducted, ultimately causing conformity with metric invariance having identical CFI opinions (.92) for both the low-compare model additionally the adjusted design step one. On the other hand, the essential difference between design step 1 loads and you may design 2 intercepts and you will restrictions and you will model 3 structural covariance differed of the philosophy below 0.05 (model step 1 = .92; model dos = .90 and you will model step Colombo beautiful women three = .90). In the end, more frequent Twitter explore try related to a heightened level of Myspace jealousy (Table 5).

The outcomes indicated that their twenty-seven issues designed an excellent around three-foundation build (Lover Pastime, Mate Vigilance, and you may Partner’s Close and Sexual relationship) and that the fresh new leader won’t improve if any item was removed

Furthermore, brand new contacts ranging from FJS dimensions therefore the proportions of RPCS, self-respect, and you may intimate jealousy were tested. The outcome acquired revealed that one another RPCS-Union and RPCS-Prevention had been negatively on the around three FJS issues. Finally, self-respect and you will romantic envy coordinated surely to your around three FJS factors (Desk 5). Also, a great linear regression analysis try conducted to higher check the newest predictive property value the three FJS products with the RPCS total get, self-admiration, and you will personal envy. While the found within the Dining table six, the new RPCS full rating is actually most useful predicted by Factor 2, i.age., lover vigilance, and you will mind-regard is actually top predict from the Grounds step 3, lover’s close and you will sexual matchmaking, if you find yourself romantic envy are predict by the about three FJS products.

Fb is considered the most popular social networking when you look at the Colombia (Statcounter, 2020), so that as there are no questionnaires offered to measure the jealousy out-of Myspace, the main goal of this study were to adjust and you may verify the fresh new FJS which have a sample out of Colombian folks. Our conclusions presented the brief particular the fresh new FJS during the a beneficial Colombian sample try reliable and you may legitimate.

Years synchronised negatively with all about three FJS items, someone involved in longer matchmaking said all the way down FJS-Foundation 1 score (partner pastime), if you find yourself no tall correlations was in fact found between matchmaking stage and you may FJS Products dos and you may 3

Regarding your grounds build, on one-hand, the structure of the measure is checked-out inside an EFA. Although not, this type of performance failed to coincide with previous degree, in which the design is actually unifactorial (Demirtas-Madran, 2016; Muise ainsi que al., 2009). However, regarding the Pakistani adaptation of your FJS, the grounds design contains around three affairs, titled by writers the following: Low self-esteem, Inquisitiveness, and Cheating (Iqbal & Jami, 2017). More over, by means of the latest CFA, the main one-factor model recommended throughout the brand spanking new version (Muise ainsi que al., 2009), which was ratified about Turkish adaptation (Demirtas-Madran, 2016) was checked. But not, goodness-of-match examination didn’t let you know an adequate fit. Hence, new multifactorial model obtained from the EFA is actually tested, although model wasn’t located to possess enough jesus of complement indicator.


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